Presentations on how a social norms perspective might be applied to partner violence and other issues. 

In January 2013, STRIVE brought together a group of researchers and practitioners in a three-day meeting that aimed to:

  • explore the utility of applying a social norms perspective to intimate partner violence, child marriage and other social issues
  • catalyse a dialogue between practitioners who are seeking to transform norms and thinkers who are developing and testing social norms theory
  • build capacity to incorporate a social norms perspective when designing programmes and to capture shifts in norms as part of programme evaluation.

Presentations are available to download below.


Introductions to concepts and applications


Short reflections to trigger discussion on applying social norms theory


Programmes addressing violence against women


Learning, measurement and take-home implications

For photographs from the meeting, see the gallery.

Measures needed

Gerry Mackie, General considerations in measuring social norms


 Social norms relations

Lori Heise, Take-home messages from the STRIVE norms meeting


Understanding of social norms

Javier Guillot, Shifting norms around gender and violence

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