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Research on structural change to prevent HIV

Social forces drive the HIV epidemic and block prevention efforts. STRIVE partners investigate how structural factors create vulnerability and what programmes work to tackle them.

Affiliated projects

Reducing excessive alcohol use and high-risk sex

Project addressing alcohol as a structural driver of HIV risk by intervening in alcohol’s ubiquitous availability in impoverished urban areas.

Addressing alcohol as a structural driver of HIV

Samata: Keeping girls in secondary school

Samata aims to reduce HIV risk among adolescent girls in Bijapur and Bagalkot Districts by increasing their rates of secondary school enrolment and completion.

Sabala on International Day of the Girl Child 2013

SASA! Act now against violence

SASA! addresses the imbalance of power between women and men that underlies gender violence and HIV risk.

Drivers: Gender inequality and violence
SASA community mobilisation

Community mobilisation among sex worker collectives

Community-based organisations of sex-workers are proving an effective forum for empowerment and HIV prevention in North Karnataka, India.

Modelling the influence of structural factors

Multi-level statistical modelling has helped support the growth of a movement to address the social determinants of health.

STRIVE research data

Guidelines for reducing HIV stigma in India

Globally, stigma and discrimination impede HIV prevention, testing and treatment efforts. ICRW's framework for India identifies key entry points for stigma-focused programming and measurement.

Drivers: Stigma and criminalization

Parivartan: Coaching boys into men

Coaching boys into men to cultivate gender equality and reduce violence against women.

Drivers: Gender inequality and violence
Parivartan changes gender norms through sports coaching

Swa Koteka: Cash transfers to tackle HIV among adolescents

How might cash payments reduce transactional sex, thereby reducing the risk of HIV and unwanted pregnancy among young girls? How do girls’ friendship networks affect their risk of acquiring HIV?

Swa Koteka Rural CCT South Africa

Phuza Wize: Creating safe drinking spaces

Phuza Wize is a campaign of STRIVE affiliate, Soul City, to reduce alcohol use and create safe drinking spaces in South Africa.

Phuza Wize: Creating safe drinking spaces
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