STRIVE workshop on social norms theory and practice: Resources available to download

14 February 2013
Alexandra Hyde

A three-day workshop, 28-30 January, asked how a social norms perspective might be applied to partner violence and other issues.

The international gathering began with presentations on social norm theory from Francesca Moneti from UNICEF and Gerry Mackie from the University of California San Diego, Center on Global Justice. Then Javier Guillot explained the ideas in action through an example from Colombia: Tackling domestic violence with Citizen Culture.

The meeting aimed to:

  • explore the utility of applying a social norms perspective to intimate partner violence, child marriage and other social issues
  • catalyse a dialogue between practitioners who are seeking to transform norms and thinkers who are developing and testing social norms theory
  • build capacity to incorporate a social norms perspective when designing programmes and to capture shifts in norms as part of programme evaluation.

STRIVE associate Lori Michau of Raising Voices presented a case study of SASA! in Uganda, a programme to shift norms on violence against women. Other STRIVE members led discussions on a range of related issues, including: 

  • child marriage (Madhumita Das, ICRW India)
  • transactional sex (Joyce Wamoyi, NIMR Mwanza Tanzania) 

STRIVE tweeted from the meeting on hashtag #socialnorms, from @SaME_LSHTM and @hivdrivers.

You can view photos from the workshop and download the presentations by theme.