Framed around priorities emerging from the Consortium’s research and analysis, STRIVE organised much of its work under key themes.

Most of these themes focused on structural drivers that are particularly influential in shaping vulnerability to HIV infection, as well as inhibiting peoples’ access and adherence to treatment regimes. These are:

A further theme, co-financing, aimed to demonstrate the benefits of structural interventions and identify opportunities for co-financing structural HIV interventions.

Meta narratives: linking the research to give the bigger picture

STRIVE has developed two meta-narratives that draw together the evidence and distil the key messages for different audiences: Biomedical Interventions and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Biomedical Interventions narrative, aimed at an HIV audience, focused on how structural drivers impact on HIV prevention and treatment strategies. 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) narrative, aimed at the wider development community, focused on how intervening on structural drivers can be useful in formulating strategies for achieving the SDGs.