Soul City Institute for Social Justice

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A South African NGO established in 1992, the Soul City Institute for Social Justice harnesses the power of the mass media to educate and empower people to make better choices about their health. Soul City has long been known for its television and radio series, shaping behaviour change through stories. In addition, the organisation develops advocacy campaigns combined with training and community mobilising.

“Drink Safe. Live Safe”

Phuza Wize – Drink Safe. Live Safe – is a Soul City initiative that seeks to change drinking norms in South Africa and create a supportive environment for moderate drinking. The campaign addresses gender norms and – through Soul City’s school-based Soul Buddyz clubs – engages youth.

Soul City’s Phuza Wize campaign asks:

Drinking is cool, right?

Well, do you know someone who had unprotected sex because they were drunk?

Perhaps you binge drink? 

Maybe you’ve seen violent behaviour from people seriously under the influence of alcohol?

That’s not so cool – is it?

Did you know?

More than 50% of victims of fatal violence and more than 70% of victims of non-fatal violence test positive for alcohol. 

Men, under the age of 30, are at the most risk of violence. 

Alcohol abuse has been linked to risky sexual behaviour and HIV infection. 

Interpersonal violence is the second leading cause of death in South Africa – this is directly linked to alcohol.