SASA! video: Prevent violence against women now

Violence against women touches everyone's lives. We tend to believe that this violence - rooted in the inequality between men and women - must be very difficult to prevent. But an approach called SASA! makes us think again. 

This short video documents SASA's systematic phases for organising communities to take on the prevention of violence against women and HIV. At its core, SASA! is a way to discuss and transform power. Community activists engage at many levels - from individuals to families to leaders and institutions - to infuse a community with new ways of thinking and behaving.

SASA! was created by Raising Voices, a STRIVE affiliate, and is being implemented in many parts of Africa and as far away as Mongolia and Haiti. This video shows the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) putting SASA! into action in Kampala, Uganda. 

The SASA! study is a randomised controlled trial, involving researchers from LSHTM, to evaluate the impact of the programme on community norms on power inequalities and violence. 

Please use this film to discuss:

  • the connections between HIV and violence against women
  • inequality between men and women as the root cause of violence
  • ways to mobilise a community to tackle violence against women and to build healthy relationships
  • the involvement of men as activists on these issues
  • any other questions that the film raises for you

Do email us about your responses and discussions to this video.

This video is available with subtitles here.

Watch a short (4 minute) version of the video here.

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