The impact of SASA!, a community mobilization intervention, on reported HIV-related risk behaviours and relationship dynamics in Kampala, Uganda

Kyegombe N, Abramsky T, Devries KM, Starmann E, Michau L, Nakuti J, Musuya T, Heise L, Watts C. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 2014; Read the full paper online

A paper in the Journal of the International AIDS Society analyses the impact of SASA! on HIV.

Developed by Raising Voices and implemented in Kampala, Uganda by the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP), SASA! mobilises communities to reduce violence against women and hence HIV risk. The SASA! study is part of a portfolio of research by STRIVE and the Gender, Violence and Health Centre at LSHTM

Intimate partner violence (IPV) violates women’s human rights and poses serious public health risks including that of HIV infection. SASA! engages communities to prevent IPV and promote gender equity. The article by Dr Nambusi Kyegombe et al outlines how SASA! works and its impact on HIV-related risk behaviours.

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