Stakeholder analysis - Clara Richards

A proactive approach is important if research is to have impact and benefit society. Key to a good research-uptake strategy is a clear understanding of the different players and stakeholders involved. This Learning Lab explores stakeholder analysis as the basis for successful engagement with potential end-users of new evidence. Of interest to everyone involved in the process – researchers, practitioners, decision-makers – this webinar will:

  • analyse why it is important to carry out a stakeholder analysis
  • review a number of tools that can be used
  • work through the use of one particular tool in hands-on detail

Clara Richards is an independent consultant in evidence-informed policy. With Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Clara has coordinated the Evidence Based Policy in Development Network (ebpdn) since 2011. For five years in CIPPEC (Argentina), she was involved in developing the policy influence and evaluation capacities of Latin American think tanks and in coordinating the Latin American chapter of ebpdn.

Download the presentation as a PDF.

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