SASA! Activist Kit: Preventing violence against women

Lori Michau, Anneeth Hundle, Chanda Chevannes, Deborah Ensor Sekitoleko, Kara McMullen, Marjolein Moreaux, Stephanie Sauvé SASA! Activist Kit, 2008; Raising Voices Download the Activist Kit from the Raising Voices website

Violence and the threat of violence limit women's capacity to avoid HIV infection. Many women also experience violence because they are HIV-positive. The root cause of this violence is the imbalance of power in relationships between women and men, girls and boys.

SASA! is a community mobilisation programme developed by Raising Voices in Kampala, Uganda. The Activist Kit is a comprehensive toolkit based on extensive field testing. It is designed for individuals and communities to start working toward a balance of power between women and men. 

The Activist Kit comes in four sections, each one representing a key phase of community mobilisation:

  • The start phase focuses on power within, helping advocates to identify the connections between violence against women and HIV 
  • The awareness phase comprises tools to engage the community and increase awareness of men's power over women
  • The support phase guides communities in offering support to one another - joining their power with others to confront the dual pandemics of violence against women and HIV/AIDS.
  • The action phase offers tools for communities to use their power to take action, with the aim to normalize shared power and non-violence.

You can download a full introduction to the Activist Kit and other documents here

SASA Activist Kit

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