Know me: Understanding the vulnerabilities of adolescent girls

KHPT_Adolescent Girls Report_6MB.pdf

A self-exploratory exercise to understand the vulnerabilities of adolescent girls in southern India.

This report illustrates the findings of a qualitative study carried out among young people in Karnataka State, in India. The report, published by KHPT with support from STRIVE, explores girls’ attitudes and aspirations with respect to education and attending school.

The study was based on workshops with adolescent girls of different age groups, using methods including focus group discussions and creative expression (through drawing, for example). It documents girls’ experiences and explores a range of issues related to structural factors such as:

  • gender and social norms
  • traditional cultural practices
  • nutrition, healthcare and education
  • poverty

The report also sheds light on the importance of school as a social space, providing a peer-based support system, representing an alternative to household work and early marriage, and for the significance of teachers as role models.

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