Disaggregating 'transactional sex' from 'sex work' - Holly Prudden

The Modes of Transmission (MOT) model was developed by UNAIDS to calculate the anticipated distribution of new adult HIV infections. It is increasingly utilised as a tool to help countries understand their current epidemic, to identify key behaviours driving HIV transmission and to improve intervention targeting. In distinguishing "transactional sex" from "sex work", Holly Prudden highlights the important implications of this differentiation for future intervention design and policy.

A general introduction to the MoT, UNAIDS studies and a spreadsheet model are available here.

Holly Prudden is a Research Fellow in the mathematical modelling of HIV and STIs at LSHTM. This presentation is based on her investigation, with other members of the SaME group, of the effect of modelling additional layers of behavioural heterogeneity amongst sex worker groups in Nigeria. You can read a paper about this study here.

Download the presentation as a PDF.


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