Tejaswini Hiremath at UNESCO Paris

KHPT invited to speak at UNESCO in Paris

26 March 2015
Michelle Moore

STRIVE Indian partner KHPT shares experiences of the Samata intervention to keep girls in school.

Tejaswini Hiremath of STRIVE partner KHPT leads the Samata programme in Bagalkot District in Karnataka, India. In February 2015, UNESCO invited her to present at a Lifelong Learning Forum in Paris, organised in collaboration with the World Committee for Lifelong Learning (CMA) and International Council for Adult Education (ICAE).

During the two-day conference, Tejaswini shared her experience of implementing the Samata programme, a structural intervention to keep girls in school in order to improve their health and education outcomes. Her presentation earned appreciation from the 700 participants. Some described it as "brave work" and "unique, as it works on mulitple levels with many stakeholders".

The conference provided a platform for KHPT to showcase their work. The Samata poster and brochure were exhibited in the UNESCO headquarters lounge and Samata featured as one of the five top news stories on education on UNESCO's website. This attention helped to raise the profile of the programme with important end-users in India, including the education department.

To hear Tejaswini introduce Samata and the issues it tackles, watch this video on barriers to girls' education.

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