How to make sports a viable medium for social change? ICRW India releases findings from the Parivartan program.

29 May 2012
Richa Bansal

STRIVE partner ICRW will today release findings from Parivartan, an innovative program that taps into the power of sport to promote social change. The panel discussion ‘How to make sports a viable medium for social change -challenges and opportunities’ will serve as a platform to take the concept of Parivartan forward, exploring the possibilities of integrating such programs institutionally, in different settings and on a larger scale.

Parivartan uses cricket as a tool for teaching young men about gender equity, respect for girls and women, and gender based violence in India. The program, which was implemented in Mumbai between 2008 and 2012, leveraged the influence of cricket coaches as role models in the lives of adolescent boys, training them to promote gender equitable attitudes among young athletes between 10 to 16 years old.

Parivartan was implemented in 45 schools across Mumbai and has witnessed a promising level of positive change not only among the participating athletes, but among the coaches themselves. Said one coach, “Earlier we used to hear the stories in newspaper about teasing, attempt of rape and used to think that these women might have given a lead or did something to provoke. But now I realize the pain and am trying to understand how to change the mindset of boys regarding violence which is so very important here.”

Coaches from selected schools were trained intensively and provided with a range of tools such as handbooks, interactive cards, posters etc. to engage young athletes in issues of respect, ethics, gender norms, gender-based violence etc. Alongside its work in schools, ICRW also used interactive campaigns and training programmes in those communities operating a more informal coaching system where moholla cricket is popular, training young men with leadership qualities to work with adolescent boys.

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