The STRIVE RPC is developing a range of multi-disciplinary methods to generate new evidence on the structural drivers of HIV in different epidemiological, cultural and economic contexts.

STRIVE conducts cross-cutting research in two or more contrasting sites within each of its focal countries: India, South Africa and Tanzania. Comparisons between different epidemic settings within the same country provide broader insights and a more compelling case to feed into national policy.

The RPC's methods are designed to produce new empirical research, analysis of existing datasets, and systematic evidence reviews, alongside methodological and conceptual advances in the understanding and evaluation of complex social interventions, including new techniques to incorporate structural factors into HIV modelling.

A vaccine can work 100 percent of the time, but if people don’t want to take it because of religion or suspicion of the government, it won’t work in reality. Kim Blankenship, Professor of Sociology, American University