What do we know about HIV stigma and rights-based prevention?- Anne Stangl

Stigma undermines effective HIV prevention and treatment: this is universally acknowledged. But what can be done to reduce stigma and its impact on HIV infection? To answer this question, Dr Anne Stangl presents two systematic reviews of the evidence on:

  • interventions to reduce stigma
  • human rights-based interventions to prevent HIV

Anne Stangl is a senior behavioral scientist at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). She has 13 years of international public health experience in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean with a focus on human rights, stigma, qualitative and quantitative research methods, research design, statistical analysis and monitoring and evaluation.

Stangl’s research centres on human rights and stigma particularly as they relate to HIV prevention, care and treatment, health-related quality of life and equitable access to health care more broadly.

Download the pdf of the presentation here.


Technical Brief: Measuring HIV stigma and discrimination

A systematic review of interventions to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination from 2002 to 2013: how far have we come?

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