Unite with women, unite against violence and HIV

UniteWithWomen, UNAIDS, 2014.pdf

Violence is a key risk factor for HIV among women, including sex workers, transgender women and other women from key populations. While the AIDS response is producing exciting results, the promises of science, politics and economic development will only be realised if groups unite with women against violence as an integral measure.

Based on global and regional estimates for violence against women, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified 16 programmatic opportunities to address violence against women in the context of HIV.

The brief provides five key messages to inspire action:

  • Violence against women is a human rights violation
  • Women who experience violence are more likely to acquire HIV
  • Women living with HIV are more likely to be subjected to violence
  • Women most vulnerable to HIV are also most vulnerable to violence
  • Violence undermines the HIV response by creating a barrier to accessing services

The widespread prevalence of violence against women means there is no time to lose and everything to gain.

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