Towards more effective strategies to prevent violence against women and children: a prevention collaborative analysis

The Prevention Collaborative , 2018; Read the full paper here

This paper outlines the analysis that informed the founding of the Prevention Collaborative, and locates its efforts within the wider violence prevention field. Specifically, it describes the landscape of violence prevention circa 2019:

  • Section 1: The achievements and strengths of the violence prevention field 
  • Section 2: The structural challenges—both external and internal—that encumber progress 
  • Section 3: The Prevention Collaborative’s structure and priorities and how our strategies attempt to address these challenges and opportunities. 

The Prevention Collaborative aims to shape a new narrative on prevention to inspire action and increase commitment to preventing violence against women and children. Specifically, it will advocate for:

  • Greater investment in women's organisations and feminist movements
  • Sustained funding for locally owned prevention efforts
  • Longer inception periods that give organisations the time required to access local beliefs, norms and structures that sustain violence
  • A diversification of sources of knowledge and evidence
  • Governments and donors to break down funding silos and expand sources of financial support for prevention.

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