Technical brief: The prevention of alcohol-related HIV risk behaviour

Katherine Fritz USAID , 2009; AIDSTAR-One Technical Brief Download publication from ICRW

Guidance for programme planners and implementers addressing harmful alcohol use as a risk factor for HIV. 

The brief, written by STRIVE researcher Katherine Fritz at ICRW, argues for the benefits of interventions that address harmful drinking alongside sexual risk behaviour.

The development of effective programs to reduce alcohol-related sexual risk is an emerging area for research. The report reviews available evidence on new and innovative programmess, providing:

  • A summary of up-to-date information on what is known about the relationship between harmful alcohol use and HIV sexual risk behaviour
  • A critical analysis of intervention programmess currently being used to address the issue.

 The recommendations are also informed by a review of the published literature on alcohol and HIV, the AIDSTAR- One database of good practices, and interviews with experts in the field of alcohol and HIV prevention.

Read more about STRIVE's support for the livelihoods component of a project to reduce the harmful consequences of excessive alcohol in Namibia. 

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