Structural solutions? Impact of cash and care on adolescent HIV prevention and adherence - Lucie Cluver

There is now strong evidence of the importance of structural drivers of the HIV-epidemic. As a result, increasing interest has focused on social protection as a possible solution to prevention. But questions and debates continue:

  • Should cash transfers be unconditional or conditioned?
  • Are cash transfers enough or do we need 'cash plus care'?
  • How do biomedical interventions work with social protection?
  • How are we going to pay for social protection?
  • Can social protection address new challenges such as ART and PMTCT adherence?

The webinar presents some of the latest evidence in this area and proposes ways to approach these questions.


Dr Lucie Cluver is an Associate Professor at Oxford University and the University of Cape Town. She works closely with UNICEF, WHO, PEPFAR-USAID and the South African government to develop rigorous research in social protection and children affected by AIDS. She is lucky - she says - to have exceptional collaborators and a dynamic team of doctoral and postdoctoral students who are all slightly cleverer than she is.


Download the pdf of the presentation here.

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