STOPAIDS Factsheet: Women’s Economic Empowerment

STOPAIDS-factsheet WEE 2.3.17.pdf

STOPAIDS launched their new factsheet – a good-practice guidance resource on women’s economic empowerment and HIV – on International Women’s Day 2017. The factsheet draws out connections between the disproportionate impact of HIV on women, gender inequality and economic empowerment.


Using case studies from STOPAIDS members, the factsheet highlights the importance of:

  1. meaningfully involving women
  2. addressing structural barriers
  3. transforming gender norms
  4. closely involving the wider community
  5. funding existing community groups to ensure sustainability

STOPAIDS is a membership-based organisation, ‘uniting UK voices in the global response’, and provides an important boundary partner and strategic platform for STRIVE’s work, as well as a source of high quality information.


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