Reducing intimate partner violence and increasing condom usage in the HIV/STI response: a facilitator's guide for training female sex workers

Facilitator's Guide for training female sex workers Reducing IPV and increasing condom usage in the HIV STI response_0.pdf

Research has shown a significant link between non-use of condoms, HIV and gender-based violence. Sex workers’ ability to negotiate condom use with intimate partners (IPs) is severely compromised by several factors that include their emotional and sometimes financial dependence on the partners, inequitable power relationships with their IPs, violence in their intimate relationships, social norms defining their acceptable behaviour and expectations around fidelity. These factors increase their vulnerability to HIV.

This guide is written to help facilitators cum counsellors to:

  • conduct activities
  • make efforts to influence female sex workers (FSWs) to make positive changes in their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours
  • join hands in the movement to end violence with special reference to gender-based violence in their respective villages
  • access theoretical information that is required for them to conduct sessions

Different activities and exercises are built in the module to help facilitators engage participants in a process of change. Ideally the group sessions should be conducted as 2 to 3 hour weekly sessions, continuously for 8 weeks so as to complete the training in two months. The training module relies on the premise that the both the FSWs and IPs have agreed to undergo the group sessions to relook at their relationships.

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