Practice-based insights in developing and implementing a sport-based programme for girls

Martine Collumbien, Madhumita Das, Shweta Bankar, Beniamino Cislaghi, Lori Heise and Ravi Verma Development in practice, 2018; Read the full paper online

Parivartan Plus is a structured sports mentoring programme for girls, implemented in a Mumbai slum where social expectations around gender-appropriate behaviour and good parenting restricts girls’ mobility and visibility in public spaces. This article presents practice-based learning from developing and implementing programme theory to empower girls in achieving changes in their everyday social interactions at home and beyond. Gender and social norms theory were combined with local practical wisdom to turn main implementation challenges into opportunities. The article reflects on the strategies that gave visibility to, and achieved community endorsement for, the erosion of restrictive gender norms while ensuring community safety.

The successful implementation of Parivartan for girls suggests that it is possible to effectively implement a sports-based programme in a slum community where girls have no role models, no aspirations for careers and no sense of collective power.


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