Operationalising structural interventions for HIV prevention: Lessons from Zambia

Cynthia Bowa and Timothy L. Mah STRIVE and AIDSTAR-One, 2013; Read full paper online

Global guidance acknowledges the importance of structural interventions to tackle HIV, but evidence of their effectiveness lags behind that of other means of prevention. This paper discusses the challenges to implementation at the community and national levels using the experience of PEPFAR and USAID in Zambia. The authors propose several ways to speed up  implementation of structural interventions.

This is one of a set of five position papers co-commissioned by STRIVE and AIDSTAR-One to address critical issues within the field of structural interventions. The series was launched at a panel presentation hosted by PEPFAR in Washington, DC on 11 September 2013 (selected presentations are available to download here).

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