Meeting the psychosocial needs of children living with HIV in South Africa and Uganda

Jennifer McCleary-Sills, Anjala Kanesathasan, Jonathan Brakarsh, Marnie Vujovic, Kgethi Dlamini, Eve Namisango, Rose Nasaba, Katherine Fritz, Vincent J. Wong and Sara Bowsky. Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services, 2013; Vol 12, issue 1: 49-62. Download publication (not open access)

Successes in diagnosing and treating paediatric HIV have necessitated care that extends beyond basic medical needs. However, capacity for providing childhood psychosocial support (PSS) remains limited.

This research was carried out among young people living with HIV (PLHIV), care providers and parents in Uganda and South Africa. It explored challenges in meeting the psychosocial needs of HIV-positive children across three areas: disclosure, stigma and grief/bereavement.

The research identified programming gaps, strategies and good practices in five focal areas:

  • providing immediate postdiagnosis support
  • stigma reduction
  • capacity building
  • addressing grief
  • promoting peer support

Recommendations include enhancing PSS for HIV-positive children in resource-limited settings.

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