Innovative approaches to gender and food security

Susanne Turrall (Editor) Insights, 2012; 82 Download articles

Can development programmes use a combined approach to tackle multiple issues such as food security and gender inequality?

This issue of Insights, published by the Institute for Development Studies, focuses on the gender power dynamics of food production, consumption and governance.

It provides an interesting perspective on a range of transformative approaches that target food security and poverty reduction while enabling shifts in gender power relations.

Focusing on six projects in South Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, the articles in this issue illustrate some of these pathways:

  • Transforming gender relations in homestead food production in Bangladesh
  • Challenging cultural values that affect food security in India
  • Equal access for women to seeds and food security in Syria
  • Engaging the whole family in food security planning in Zambia
  • Women's groups versus households. Approaches to achieve food security and gender equality
  • Food sovereignty and women’s rights in Latin America 

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