Influences on visit retention in clinical trials: Insights from qualitative research during the VOICE trial in Johannesburg, South Africa

Magazi, B; Stadler, J; Delany-Moretlwe, S; Montgomery, E; Mathebula, F; Hartmann, M; van der Straten, A BMC Women's Health, 2014;

Researchers conducted a qualitative study of the social contextual factors that influenced adherence to PrEP in the VOICE trial. Women’s kinship, social and economic roles shaped their ability to participate in the clinical trial.

Participants expressed strong commitment to attending study visits but clinic visit schedules and lengthy waiting times interfered with their multiple obligations as care givers, wage earners, housekeepers and students.

The research findings highlight the importance of attending to the social context shaping participation in HIV prevention trials, rather than focusing solely on individual characteristics, in order to establish a lively culture of participation.

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