How does the Global Fund for Women measure social change?

The Global Fund for Women believes that women are powerful catalysts for change and that strong women’s organisations and movements make transformative shifts in power that are crucial to women realising their rights and creating lasting solutions to the world’s problems.

The change matrix

To allow for ongoing training in measuring changes and to ensure they are on the right track, the Global Fund for Women have adapted the change matrix from the Gender At Work analytical framework. The organisation developed a set of tools and processes, integrated in their daily work, in order to:

  • track their progress 
  • capture impact
  • test assumptions
  • adapt as necessary

Global Fund for Women change matrix

This change matrix identifies four domains where gender power structures operate:

  • increased awareness and agency among women and girls
  • increased access to resources, services and power for women and girls
  • changes in social norms and practices
  • influencing policies and laws

Social transformation will have the greatest impact and be sustainable if change occurs in all four domains. Change must occur in order for it to be transformative and lasting in these areas:

  • individual change
  • systematic change
  • informal
  • formal


Learn more about how Global Fund for Women measure progress in this short informational video. It explains how the organisation adapted the change matrix to better capture and learn from the outcomes achieved by their grantee partners. It provides successful examples of change in the domains.

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