HIV testing among pregnant wives of migrant men in a rural district of India: Urgent call for scale up

Sarin E, Nayak H, Das M, Nanda P. Women & Health, 2013; Vol. 53, Issue 4, p369-83 Download publication (not open access)

The vulnerability of pregnant women to HIV in India is increased by their spouses' risky behaviours. A study of the barriers to HIV testing found that only one third of women had been tested for HIV during pregnancy. The likelihood of a woman receiving testing was linked to women's:

  • level of education
  • knowledge of sexually transmitted infection
  • ability to discuss HIV with spouse
  • care was sought in government district hospitals or private clinics.

The findings point to the need to widen HIV testing to community based services, increase coverage of HIV/STI awareness and prevention programs, and encourage spousal communication through counselling.

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