HIV and the Law: Risks, rights and health

Global Commission on HIV and the Law Final Report, 2012; July Download publication

A summary of HIV-related legal environments from 140 countries, this report gathers evidence from activists, organisations and people living with HIV. It offers recommendations for governments and international bodies on the development of science-based, pragmatic and humane legal practices. It also offers advocacy tools for people living with HIV, communities affected by HIV and civil society.

Issues and key populations include:

  • Criminalisation of HIV transmission, exposure and non-disclosure
  • Risk and stigma, including amongst men who have sex with men, sex workers and migrants
  • Gender and disempowerment
  • Children and youth

Law prohibits or permits specific behaviours, and in so doing, it shapes politics, economics and society. The law can be a human good that makes a material difference in people’s lives. It is therefore not surprising that law has the power to bridge the gap between vulnerability and resilience to HIV. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Chair, Global Commission on HIV and the Law

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