Greentree II

In interviews, three participants reflect on Greentree II, a high level consultation on HIV and violence against women and girls.

Sunita Kishor, Director: Demographic Health Surveys, Maryland

Avni Amin, Technical Officer: Department of Reproductive Health and Research, WHO, Geneva

Pumulo Mandale, Director: Gender Rights Protection, Ministry of Gender and Child Development, Zambia

The STRIVE research consortium convened the meeting in May 2015, together with WHO, UNICEF and UNAIDS, and hosted by the Greentree Foundation in Long Island, New York. The 40 expert participants ranged from funders to researchers to programmers, and together explored:

  • the intersections between violence against women and children and women’s and girl’s vulnerability to HIV acquisition
  • conceptual models of the pathways and mechanisms through which violence may influence HIV vulnerability, including the socio-structural drivers of that risk
  • the relative contribution of different pathways to the relationship between violence and HIV
  • a research agenda to resolve outstanding questions
  • opportunities for intervention, related to key pathways, and different populations
  • recommendations on the implications of existing evidence for HIV and violence-related policies, programmes, and research investment.

Read the Greentree II: Violence against women and girls, and HIV report.

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