Food insecurity: Implications for ART adherence and HIV health outcomes

Food Insecurity.pdf

Limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods has an impact on individual exposure to HIV, as well as on treatment.

Sheri Weiser presented on food insecurity at the 9th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence, held 8–10 June 2014 in Miami.

The presentation discusses:

  • the correlation between food insecurity and adult HIV prevalence
  • different tools for measuring food insecurity
  • food insecurity and risky sex
  • the impact of food insecurity on the HIV treatment cascade
  • global evidence of associations between food insecurity and ART non-adherence
  • competing demands between food and healthcare among specific groups
  • possible interventions such as targeted food supplementation, cash transfers and food stamps/vouchers
  • social protection approaches to food insecurity
  • the Shamba Maisha Pilot to improve food security of HIV-infected Kenyans

Download the pdf of the presentation.

The conference featured strategies to enhance adherence and biomedical prevention in a variety of domestic and international settings. Access all the presentations here.


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