Facebook live session - Transactional sex and HIV risk: from analysis to action

BeTeamWomen Facebook Live, 2018;

This Facebook live session, hosted by #BeTeamWomen and UNAIDS, covers:

  • the boundary between transactional sex and sex work
  • the role of the "Blesser", "Sponsor" and "Sugar Daddy" in transactional sex relationships
  • the increased risk of HIV among adolescent girls and young women participating in transactional sex

Transactional sex is associated with HIV risk behaviours such as multiple sexual partners, intimate partner violence, abuse, alcohol consumption and varying levels of condom use.

Moderated by Ebony Johnson, the panel includes:

  • STRIVE researchers - Joyce Wamoyi (National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania) and Kirsten Stoebenau (University of Maryland School of Public Health)
  • Winny Obure (Teenseed Africa)
  • Nyasha Kadandara (Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker, Zimbabwe/Kenya)

Watch the video

Learn more about STRIVE's transactional sex research

STRIVE and UNAIDS have co-produced a technical brief on the same topic: Transactional sex and HIV risk: from analysis to action

Based on research and analysis by the STRIVE research consortium, this 7-minute video explains:

  • a clear definition of transactional sex
  • three sets of motivations that underlie the practice
  • five important considerations for efforts to address the HIV risk involved in transactional sex

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