Evidence for interventions to strengthen the HIV prevention cascade: a systematic review of reviews - Shari Krishnaratne

How do we invigorate HIV prevention? To address this question, Shari Krishnaratne presented a new model - the prevention cascade - as a basis to conceptualise, develop, implement and finance interventions. Rather than isolating biomedical, behavioural and structural measures from each other, the prevention cascade makes combination prevention practical.

UNAIDS has called for 25% of global HIV spending to be allocated to prevention activities. Fittingly, the July issue of the Lancet HIV, timed for the 2016 International AIDS Conference, focused on prevention. Speaking to papers by STRIVE members James Hargreaves, Sinead Delany-Moretlwe and herself, Krishnaratne addresses prevention priorities, costs and financing.

The systematic review of reviews enables Krishnaratne et al to rank the strength of evidence on a variety of approaches. For population impact, she explains, it will be important to have firm evidence on interventions that strengthen:

  • demand for HIV prevention
  • supply of HIV prevention technologies
  • use of and adherence to HIV prevention methods


 Download the pdf of the presentation here.



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