Evaluation of a peer network-based sexual risk reduction intervention for men in beer halls in Zimbabwe

Katherine Fritz, Willi McFarland, Robert Wyrod, Charles Chasakara, Knox Makumbe, Admire Chirowodza, Chamunorwa Mashoko, Timothy Kellogg, Godfrey Woelk AIDS and Behavior, 2011; Vol. 15, Issue 8 Download publication

The sexual risk behaviour associated with men's alcohol consumption.

This article by ICRW's Katherine Fritz et al. reports the outcomes of the Sahwira HIV Prevention Program, a male-focused, peer-based intervention promoting the idea that men can assist their friends in avoiding high-risk sexual encounters associated with alcohol drinking.

The study was successful in reducing levels of risk behaviour from baseline to post-intervention. However, there was no evidence of impact on the primary outcome measure: episodes of unprotected sex with non-wife partners in the preceding 6 months.

The report argues that it is imperative to find ways to productively engage men in AIDS prevention, especially in those venues where male bonding, alcohol consumption, and sexual risk behaviour are intertwined.

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