The cost and cost-effectiveness of gender-responsive interventions for HIV: a systematic review

Remme, M., Siapka, M., Vassall, A., Heise, L., Jacobi, J., Ahumada, C., Gay. J., Watts, C Journal of the International AIDS Society, 2014;

STRIVE researchers present a systematic review of the costs and cost-effectiveness of gender-responsive HIV interventions. Despite an ever-growing evidence base on programmes, they report a paucity of accompanying economic analyses, making it difficult to assess the costs or value for money of gender-focused programmes.

This paper identifies several promising, cost-effective interventions that merit consideration as critical enablers in HIV investment approaches. They include:

  • couple counselling for the prevention of vertical transmission
  • gender empowerment
  • community mobilization
  • female condom promotion for female sex workers
  • expanded female condom distribution for the general population
  • post-exposure HIV prophylaxis for rape survivors

Cash transfers for schoolgirls and school support for orphan girls may also be cost-effective in generalized epidemic settings. By no means an exhaustive package, these findings represent a first set of interventions to be included in the investment framework.

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