Client-perpetrated and husband-perpetrated violence among female sex workers in Andhra Pradesh, India: HIV/STI risk across personal and work contexts

E. Reed, J. T. Erausquin, A. K. Groves, M. Salazar, M. Biradavolu, K. M. Blankenship Sexually transmitted infections, 2016; Volume 0, No.1-6

This study examines personal and work based violence and its relation to HIV risk factors among female sex workers in Andrha Pradesh, India.

To varying degrees women who experienced client or husband violence were:

  • more likely to report accepting more money for unprotected sex trades
  • less likely to report consistent condom use with clients
  • more likely to report STI symptoms

The results show that among female sex workers experiences of violence in work and personal contexts are associated with sexual HIV risk behaviours with clients, as well as STI symptoms.

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