Breaking the Multiple Constraints on Poor Women's Livelihoods

Naila Kabeer, Karishma Huda, Sandeep Kaur, Nicolina Lamhauge. Centre for Development Policy and Research, SOAS, 2012; Development Viewpoint No. 73 Download publication

A summary report on the findings of two pilot projects in West Bengal, India and Sindh, Pakistan, which focused on ‘graduating’ women out of extreme poverty. The projects recognized that extreme poverty is not based solely on a lack of material resources, such as income and assets. It is also invariably due to a lack of human resources (such as education and skills) and social resources (such as supportive kinship relations and community solidarity).

The two-page report is based on a full discussion paper entitled 'Productive Safety Nets for Women in Extreme Poverty: Lessons from Pilot Projects in India and Pakistan', also available through the CDPR website.

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