Attention, engagement or impact? Using altmetrics to track conversations about your research - Natalia Madjarevic

Digital scholarship and online research dissemination mean that a growing volume of conversation about research now takes place online, across a range of non-traditional sources. The momentum of the alternative metrics or ‘altmetrics’ movement – tracking attention to research papers across sources such as policy documents, news, blogs and social media – signals a demand to understand research engagement much more quickly than is possible with traditional citations. The importance of reporting back to funders on societal impact and the limitations of bibliometrics such as the Journal Impact Factor have also contributed to the need for researchers and institutions to track online attention to research.

This webinar discusses: 

  • the emergence of altmetrics and how to interpret the data
  • what altmetrics can tell us about research engagement and impact
  • attention sources tracked, tools and how it works at
  • examples of HIV research with attention, and looks closer at the qualitative data

Natalia Madjarevic joined Altmetric as Training and Implementation Manager in 2014, where she coordinates the rollout of Altmetric tools with new customers and runs the training programme. Natalia was previously Research Support Services Manager at LSE Library, where she was responsible for open access, bibliometrics activities, research data management and liaison with the Department of Economics. She has worked in a range of libraries including UCL, Queen Mary, University of London and The Guardian. Her professional interests include open access to publicly funded research, using altmetrics to inform and understand research impact and new forms of digital scholarship.   

Download the pdf of the presentation here

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