The association between HIV infection and alcohol use: A systematic review and meta-analysis of African studies

Joseph C Fisher, Heejung Bang, Saidi H Kapiga Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2007; Vol. 34, no. 11 Download publication (open access not available)

This review, co-authored by STRIVE research director Saidi Kapiga, summarizes the association between alcohol use and HIV based on studies conducted in Africa.

The review found that:

  • alcohol drinkers were more apt to be HIV positive than nondrinkers
  • males and females had similar risk estimates
  • there was a statistically significant difference between HIV risk among nonproblem drinkers (at 1.57) versus problem drinkers (at 2.04).

The paper concludes that alcohol use was associated with HIV infection in Africa and argues that alcohol-related interventions might help reduce further expansion of the epidemic.

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