Advancing combination HIV prevention: An advocacy brief for community led organisations

Advancing combination HIV prevention- advocacy brief.pdf

A new guide is intended to support community-led organisations as they engage with policy makers at national, district and local levels to advocate for combination HIV prevention and shape their country's HIV programmes.

The brief produced by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in partnership with UNAIDS follows on from the 2015 UNAIDS reference paper, Fast Tracking Combination Prevention.

It is intended for advocates from community-led organisations including:

  • networks of people living with HIV
  • civil society organisations active in the delivery of HIV/AIDS programmes
  • groups and people working with and representing populations most affected by HIV (particularly ¬†those working with women, youth, key populations, etc.)

Organisations like these play varied roles in the HIV response from programme implementers to peer educators and advocates.

Elements of combination HIV prevention

Between now and 2030, some 28 million new HIV infections can be averted through a greater focus on effective HIV prevention and treatment.


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