Young people aged 15 to 24 years accounted for an estimated 40% of all new HIV infections among adults worldwide in 2009. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are more than 5 million young people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. Prevention efforts must tackle the upstream factors that make adolescents vulnerable to HIV.

STRIVE brings together a strong portfolio of research on adolescents and HIV. Projects pose questions such as:

  • How do alcohol availability, lack of livelihood options and gender-based violence contribute to HIV vulnerability among inner-city youth?
  • What works to keep girls in schools and therefore reduce their HIV risk?
  • What creative and ethical methods work best for research on and with young people?

STRIVE Projects and Publications

Reducing transactional sex among adolescent girls

Empowering girls economically to challenge the cultural narrative that they can use their sexuality to meet their material needs and aspirations.


Using the influence of cricket coaches as role models in the lives of adolescent boys to cultivate gender equality and reduce violence against women.

Swa Koteka

A trial of cash transfers for HIV prevention among adolescent women in rural South Africa.

More than money? Cash transfers and adolescent girls in Sub-Saharan Africa

Charlotte Watts and Lori Heise (2012), paper and poster presentations, AIDS 2012

Paying girls to stay in school: a good return on HIV investment?

Michelle Remme, Anna Vassall, Brian Lutz, Charlotte Watts (2012), The Lancet

Adolescent Gender Norms

Learning Lab presented by Nandita Bhatla, Senior Gender and Development Specialist, ICRW, New Delhi.

Adolescent Research

Learning Lab resented by Dr Catherine MacPhail, Technical Team head on a randomised control trial of conditional cash transfers, and Dr Emilie Venables, Senior Researcher, both from WRHI, South Africa

Adolescents and Transactional Sex

Learning Lab resented by Dr Joyce Wamoyi, Senior Social Scientist, NIMR, Mwanza, Tanzania.

Recommended Resources

Identifying Appropriate Livelihood Options for Adolescent Girls: A Program Design Tool

Deborah Caro (2009), Futures Group, Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1

A Programming Framework for Working with Adolescent Girls in Tanzania

Maggie Bangser (2012), UNICEF/TACAIDS

Adolescent Enrolment in HIV Prevention Trials

How can we overcome the challenges of doing research with adolescents?

The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

Infographic to show the potential of investing in young women and girls in countries such as Ethiopia, India and Bangladesh.

Is There Ever a Good Reason for Child Marriage?

Letter in response to an article describing a mass betrothal ceremony of underage boys and girls in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Transitioning care, support, and treatment services for adolescents living with HIV

Technical report on care and treatment issues affecting adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV) in Botswana, Kenya and Zambia.

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