Addressing the structural drivers of HIV: a luxury or necessity for programmes?

Janet Seeley, Charlotte H Watts, Susan Kippax, Steven Russell, Lori Heise, Alan Whiteside Journal of the International AIDS Society, 2012; Vol 15 Supplement 1 Download publication

This editorial introduces a special issue of Journal of the International AIDS Society on the structural drivers of HIV.

Authors, including STRIVE’s Charlotte Watts and Lori Heise, argue that structural obstacles undermine the effectiveness of proven HIV interventions. Despite growing recognition of the part that social factors play in shaping HIV risk, there is a danger that structural interventions will be seen as a luxury rather than as a core part of programming.

The special issue was published with STRIVE support. It includes a series of papers on structural drivers and the nature of interventions designed to tackle them. The papers bring together a range of evidence that is central to STRIVE’s research, raising important issues ahead of the 2012 International AIDS Conference.

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