Acceptability and feasibility of cash transfers for HIV prevention among adolescent South African women

MacPhail C, Adato M, Kahn K, Selin A, Twine R, Khoza S, Rosenburg M, Nguyen N, Becker E, Pettifor A. AIDS and Behavior, 2013; Vol 17, issue 7 Download publication (open access not available)

Women are at increased risk of HIV infection in much of sub-Saharan Africa. Longitudinal and cross-sectional studies have found an association between school attendance and reduced HIV risk.

In this study, a pilot cash transfer intervention paid to young women on condition of school attendance was found to be both feasible and acceptable. There was good understanding of the process of randomisation and the aims of the study, although some rumours developed in the study community. Recommendations focus on the changes necessary to ensure acceptability and feasibility of the main trial.

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