Phuza Wize: Creating safe drinking spaces

Phuza Wize: Creating safe drinking spaces


Phuza Wize is a campaign of STRIVE affiliate, Soul City, to reduce alcohol use and create safe drinking spaces in South Africa.

“Beat booze, not your wife”

The majority of perpetrators and victims of violence in South Africa are men, so the campaign primarily targets young men aged 15 to 35. Soul City produces a number of long-running television and radio series. Phuza Wize elements have been incorporated into these programmes. The campaign also uses community radio stations and newspapers, as well as materials such as booklets and fact sheets.

Community mobilisation

Phuza Wize– literally “consume sensibly” – encourages greater ownership of the alcohol environment by communities. Community strategies include

  • not selling alcohol on the days that social grants are paid out and
  • reducing the hours or number of outlets from which alcohol can be sold and
  • enforcing restrictions against alcohol outlets near schools.

Policy influence

Phuza Wize works to create a positive enabling environment at the government level. One idea is a 1% levy on profit from major alcohol manufacturers to support an Alcohol Health Promotion Foundation.