Lori Heise, STRIVE Chief Executive

Lori Heise

Co-Research Director
lori.heise [at] lshtm.ac.uk

Lori Heise played a leading role in getting gender violence onto the international health agenda. As founding director of the Global Campaign for Microbicides, she focused global attention on women’s options for HIV protection. At the LSHTM, Heise teaches Ethics, Global Justice and Health. Among other research, she leads a team of epidemiologists investigating partner violence.


Lori Heise has founded and led three NGOs:

  • Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE),
  • International Research Network on Violence Against Women and
  • Global Campaign for Microbicides, engaging 350 organizations worldwide.

She has designed, led and evaluated research and interventions including:

  • the WHO Multi-country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence; 24,000 women in 15 sites,
  • an ethics study on care and prevention for women in HIV trials,
  • Microbicides Media and Communications Initiative; 20+ clinical trials in Africa and
  • an eight-country, multi-sector intervention to combat domestic violence in Latin America and Africa.

Linking research and advocacy, Heise has served as policy advisor to numerous bodies including WHO and UNAIDS. She received PATH’s award for excellence in HIV prevention (2008) and the American Social Health Association’s award for excellence in advocacy (2001). Ms. Magazine named her one of the “50 women who made a difference” in 2003.

Selected publications

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Robinson E, Baron D, Heise L., Handbook for Clinical Trials Communication: Strategies, tips and tools to manage controversy, convey your message and disseminate results. Research Triangle Park, NC: Family Health International, 2010

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