Disaggregating 'transactional sex' from 'sex work' - Holly Prudden

The Modes of Transmission (MOT) model was developed by UNAIDS to calculate the anticipated distribution of new adult HIV infections. It is increasingly utilised as a tool to help countries understand their current epidemic, to identify key behaviours driving HIV transmission and to improve intervention targeting. In distinguishing "transactional sex" from "sex work", Holly Prudden highlights the important implications of this differentiation for future intervention design and policy.

HIV/AIDS isn't beaten: Smarter ways to invest in ending HIV

A new book edited by Bjorn Lomborg with a foreword by the Director of LSHTM, Peter Piot, uses a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis to help identify the best interventions to fight HIV across sub-Saharan Africa.

World AIDS Day 2012: Reasons for hope, but still a way to go...

As STRIVE's Annie Holmes observes in a World AIDS Day post for the LIDC blog, in recent years the AIDS narrative has shifted at least towards a more hopeful note. She points to the advances in biomedical interventions and the wealth of work from clinical trials to health economics at LSHTM as examples.

Why Stop Now? Get involved in World AIDS Day 2012

STRIVE is getting ready to join with colleagues and organisations to mark World AIDS Day on 1st December.

The Stop AIDS Campaign is asking Why Stop Now? as it continues its lobbying activities targeting the UK government. You can follow activities on Twitter @stopaids and sign their petition here.

Population Council programme evidence on adolescent girls

A range of new and established resources recommended by the Population Council’s team on Poverty, Gender, and Youth.

The costs of reaching the most disadvantaged girls 

Technical report based on programmatic evidence from Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa among others. Analysis concentrates on the mechanics of multidimensional interventions among adolescent girls to look at the respective costs in different settings.

16 days of activism against gender violence

For this year’s global campaign, the Gender Violence and Health Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) will hold a series of talks on research from different parts of the world.

Social protection and cash transfers to strengthen families affected by HIV and AIDS

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How can cash transfer and other social protection programmes be designed to address the needs of families in regions hard hit by HIV and AIDS? 

This book looks at the role of cash transfers as a strategy for reducing the poverty-related drivers of HIV transmission. The urgency of cash assistance for food purchases is underscored by emerging evidence that better nutrition can slow AIDS disease progression.

The book features chapters on:

Three challenges for the social determinants of health pursuit

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Editorial written in response to the final report of the WHO commission on the social determinants of health (2008).

The author highlights several issues emerging from attempts to use social determinants of health (SDOH) as a way of understanding the multiple causes of disease, arguing that:

International Day of the Girl Child 2012 – KHPT celebrates

STRIVE partner in India, KHPT last month marked the first ever international day of the girl child with events at its Bangalore head office and district project offices in Bijapur and Bagalkot. 

STRIVE workshop on structural drivers and adolescents held in Tanzania

STRIVE members at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Mwanza last month organised a landmark workshop dedicated to young people and adolescents in Tanzania.