Morality, structural inequalities and HIV in Nigeria - Daniel Jordan Smith

Structural inequalities contribute significantly to the context of HIV risk in many settings around the world. Further, these inequalities are created and manifest themselves in moral as well as material ways. Using examples from long-term ethnographic research in Nigeria, focused specifically on gendered inequalities, this webinar explores how morality shapes people’s understandings of and behavioural responses to the AIDS epidemic.

Drawing on two studies – one examining unmarried young people and premarital sex, and the other on marriage and extramarital sex – the presentation shows how so-called risky behaviour is influenced by people’s efforts to live up to gendered moral expectations. It concludes by drawing some lessons for public health policy and programmes.

Daniel Jordan Smith is Professor of Anthropology, Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence, and chair of the Department of Anthropology at Brown University. His research interests include medical anthropology, anthropology and population, gender and political culture. 

Download the pdf of the presentation here.

Professor Smith's books include: 

His current book project focuses on masculinity in Nigeria, exploring the intertwining dynamics of money and intimacy, as gender sits at the centre of complex social transformations. 

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