Describing the impact of health research: A research impact framework

Shyama Kuruvilla, Nicholas Mays, Andrew Pleasant and Gill Walt BMC Health Services Research, 2006; 6: 134 Download publication (open access)

This paper, from 2006, discusses a Research Impact Framework developed to help researchers in public health measure and describe the impact of their work. The framework was piloted on a selection of public health research programmes at LSHTM. It remains relevant to the how "knowledge into action" is facilitated in research programmes such as STRIVE. The framework covers four broad areas of impact:

  • research-related impacts
  • policy impacts
  • service impacts (health and inter-sectoral)
  • societal impacts.

The standardised structure of the framework facilitates comparison of research impacts across projects and time. By providing a range of descriptive categories and sub-catagories, the Research Impact Framework helped researchers systematically identify a range of specific and verifiable impacts related to their work.

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