World Bank report, The Cash Dividend

The Cash Dividend: World Bank report on cash transfers

06 June 2012
Alexandra Hyde

The World Bank has released a new report assimilating a range of evidence on the use of cash transfer programs. With The Cash Dividend: The Rise of Cash Transfer Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, the World Bank hopes to "shift the debate on cash transfers in Africa from whether they are possible to how they can best be implemented". The report draws from a range of sources and programmes in different contexts to illustrate the current state of both conditional and non-conditional cash transfers, including some of the challenges to implementation and efficacy.

The STRIVE Consortium is engaged in several projects and plans for further research into cash transfers in Tanzania and South Africa. Its current study with STRIVE partner Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (WRHI) is an evaluation of whether cash transfers can reduce transactional sex among young women in rural South Africa. The mixed methods study is embedded in an existing random controlled trial of cash transfers to young girls and their families conditional on the young girls staying in school.

Download the report from the World Bank.

Watch Brian Lutz's Learning Lab presentation on cash transfers and HIV.

Photo: Dowa Emergency Cash Transfer Program, Malawi. Sarah Molley / Concern Worldwide