RPC members gather together to take part in a STRIVE Learning Lab

Participants from around the world join STRIVE Learning Labs

25 April 2012
Alexandra Hyde

Every month STRIVE hosts an online ‘webinar’ – lectures and presentations broadcast in real time using free phone technology – to share research on the structural drivers of HIV. STRIVE Learning Labs are attracting growing numbers of participants from partner countries such as India and Tanzania, as well as participants in Malawi, Uganda and Canada.

Creating communities in real time, online and in person

STRIVE Learning Labs provide an opportunity for the partners of the RPC to join together and share knowledge as part of an online community that stretches from India to the US, Tanzania and South Africa. Not only this, STRIVE Learning Labs have attracted new audiences from a range of other locations around the world, including Malawi, Uganda and Canada. As the online community grows, participants are also forming their own local groups, with audiences gathering in front of a computer to view presentation slides, or sharing a phone line to listen to and discuss the presentations together.

Connecting people interested in the strucural drivers of HIV

Since they began in October 2011, STRIVE Learning Labs have included presentations on research ranging from cash transfers and HIV, transactional sex dynamics and men’s emotions around HIV prevention, to work on HIV stigma and adolescents.  The most recent Learning Lab was hosted by STRIVE partner the International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW), with a presentation by Nandita Bhatla on the use of transformative approaches to shifting gender norms among young people in India. For many researchers working on the structural drivers of HIV, the question of gender norms can often seem too complex to tackle, so STRIVE’s Learning Lab provided a great opportunity to learn from ICRW’s experience in measuring, challenging and shifting values and beliefs through innovative programmes.

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